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It was reinforced by King Henry’s I proclamation “ any disturbance of the peace is not only an offence against the

Right to silence. A summary of the law of privilege against self incrimination in the context of the Maxwell brothers ascertion of a right to silence after the collapse of .


‘Legal advice

common sense and the right to silence ’ 1998 International Journal of Evidence and Jennings

‘Recent developments

Criminal Justice Essay On The Right To Silence A Historical And Critical Analysis Type of paper Essay Topic Criminal




These extensive bullet points outline an essay which debates whether there really is a right to silence in English Crimi

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The purpose of this paper is to critically consider how police powers of stop

search and arrest. along with changes to the right to silence.

have led to a slow erosion of the rights of the suspect Attention is drawn to the role of police officers

their rights and powers as well as primary legislation.

important statutes
criticism against

S ‘Legal advice
common sense and the right to silence ’ 1998 International Journal of Evidence and Jennings

‘Recent developments in the law relating to the right to silence ’ 1999 Archbold Munday

‘Inferences from Silence and European Human Rights Law’ 1996 Criminal Law

If you have been arrested because of a suspected offence

the “ right to silence ” or the right to remain silent as it is more commonly known
is the right of suspects in England and Wales to refuse to answer questions However

whilst this is an important legal right that can avoid self incrimination or harming a case.

most .

While it is generally viewed as a corollary to the right to freedom of expression

also draws protection both in the pre trial investigative period of police detention and at trial from the right to a f
the right to silence was formally recognised

when the obligation to inform suspects of this right was introduced in an .

of the European Convention of Human Rights guarantees.

or purports to guarantee
the right for every individual to a fair trial. Moreover.

2 states that “everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law”. It is therefore up to the prosecution to prove that the .

The argument here is that such an ignorance of the individual’s right to silence tramples on some of their basic rights during trials

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Case .

In the U S suspects are entitled to Miranda rights Miranda rights describe a type of notification that law enforcement

outlined the Miranda warnings seeking to protect suspects’ Fifth Amendment privileges .

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when this .

The EU policy action on fair trial rights aims to enhance protection of procedural rights
including the right to remain silent in criminal proceedings in the laws and practices of MS. Notwithstanding doubts concerning the potential impact of the provisions of the Directive relevant to the right to silence.

investment of the

J. D. Silence and Proof Extending the Boundaries of Criminal Proceedings in the.

Journal of Evidence amp CrossRef Google Scholar The Right to Silence Helps the Innocent A Game Theoretic Analysis

Law CrossRef Google Scholar

The right to silence or forced self incrimination is provided to the citizens of India under 2 of the code of criminal procedure crpc and 3 of the Indian Constitution. 2 of the Crpc lays down that an accused should answer all questions put forth by the authorities truthfully.

other than those which subject him to

2 Human Rights and Incorporation of the ECHR The Human Rights
was enacted by the United Kingdom Parliament to incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR
into the domestic law of England.


Scotland and Northern Ireland.

albeit indirectly. The .

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